Bath Bomb Bundle.

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This bath bomb bundle set includes 6 bath bombs.


*Bath bomb scents in this bundle may change from month to month*


Benefits: Help loosen damaged layers of skin, help relieve soreness and tension, moisturize your skin leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth, baking soda has many health detoxing benefits.


Handcrafted. Organic Ingredients. Cruelty-Free. Vegan-Friendly. Free Of Synthetic Dyes & Synthetic Fragrances. Parabens & SLS Free.


Bath Bomb Size: 4.5 oz. (size of a tennis ball)


Shelf Life: Our bath bombs can last up to 6 months but bath bombs become less effective as time goes on. We use only organic ingredients in our bath bombs and recommend using our bath bombs within 1 month of your purchase to achieve optimal results. The sooner you use our bath bombs, the more fun and relaxing your experience will be.

  • Lemon Drop Bath Bomb - Very clean and refreshing lemon fragrance.

    Citrus Fusion Bath Bomb - Our Citrus Fusion Bath Bomb smells like grapefruit tangerine with a blend of citrus.

    Mango Twist Bath Bomb - Our Mango Twist Bath Bomb smells like fresh cut mango, yummy!

    Berry Cool Bath Bomb - Our Berry Cool Bath Bomb has an amazing fragrance that consists of berries blended with raspberry and undertones of vanilla. Smells good enough to almost eat!

    Good Vibes Bath Bomb - Get ready for our Good Vibes Bath Bomb that contains sunflower oil, organic shea butter and sea salt and aims to lighten a heavy mood with a fresh clean smell of white lily and fresh cotton. Also great for spiritual baths and makes a beautiful art show in your bathtub.

    Relax Bath Bomb - Our Relax Bath Bomb has a great lavender fragrance and is great for meditation and spiritual baths.

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